Pure Distilled Perfection

PilzerstillDistilleria Pilzer is in a strange position. They win award after award for their fine spirits and are respected throughout Europe as one of the finest grappa and acquavite producers in Italy. So why are they so hard to find in the USA? The only reason can be the lack of understanding of what really fine grappa is all about. The spirits shelves of American retail shops are full of grappa that is decidedly inferior to the exotic, perfumed spirits produced by the Pilzer family because the American market continues to pay more attention to the bottle containing the grappa than to the grappa itself.


The Pilzer family makes grappa in one of the most beautiful places in Italy, the Valle di Cembra in the mountains of Trentino. The grapes on these high slopes mature slowly, but fully in steep mountain vineyards and are exceptionally aromatic. In other words, they are perfect for grappa. The Pilzers don't let any of these essences escape and their spirits are some of the most refined and aromatic that you can find.  These spirits rank with the finest Italy has to offer and they not only compete with famous names like Nonino and Poli, but often exceed them in complexity and pure varietal intensity. The Pilzer family produces the following Grappe:

White varietals: chardonnay, nosiola, muller thurgau, moscato giallo, traminer and a rare, truly elegant grappa from the moscato rosa grape.
Red varietals: schiava, pinot nero, teroldego and a blended grappa.
Acquavite: Williams Pear, Apple, Cotogne Apple, Apricot.