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“This week included a really fantastic white wine from the little producer in Southern Oregon that more and more people are starting to learn about, Troon Vineyards. I've reviewed a number of their wines over the past couple of years, but under the leadership of General Manager Craig Camp they have gotten better and better. This white blend is perhaps one of the best I've tasted from the estate, offering all sorts of savory deliciousness that will waken any tired palate.”

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“Drawn by the challenge of promoting an up and coming wine region, Craig made his way to Troon Vineyard in 2016. He's championing biodynamic farming there and working to toot the horn about the nice things happening now at Troon and the Applegate Valley. We talk about that and other wine stuff with Craig today. Enjoy our chat.”

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“Craig Camp at Cornerstone Cellars in Yountville, California models successful social prospecting. He is a superuser of VinTank’s suite of social monitoring and interaction tools, including its geo-fencing capabilities, to identify and reach out to wine enthusiasts who visit Napa Valley. As a result, he attributes a full 10% of his tasting room traffic to his outreach efforts on social media”.

"Comparing my notes today to my notes from my 2013 Southern Oregon visit, the wines have, indeed, changed dramatically. There’s a salt-of-the-earth honesty to them. Moreover, these are wines whose hands-off approach has worked well. They are still clean and not so funky as to be relegated to a super-niche category. I’d serve them to my hip, “intellectual” wine friends as well as to my crew who just likes to tip back a glass or two from time to time." Christy Canterbury, M.W.

Madiran vs Applegate Valley - Why Applegate Valley? It is home to Troon Vineyard and their 100% Tannat wine. Craig Camp took over as General Manager at Troon Vineyards in 2016. Craig is a man I admire. Not only does he have great insight to the wine industry, everywhere he goes high quality wines follows." Michelle Williams, Dallas

  • Getting My Geek On With Wines from Southern Oregon

Troon Vineyard is now managed by one of the nicest and most generous people I have met in the wine industry, Craig Camp (who also writes a great blog, Wine Camp).

  • Michelle Williams, Dallas

Craig Camp: Succeeding at Making Great Wine "Craig Camp knows wine from every angle."

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It’s a pleasure to announce that legendary Craig Camp will be featured on the weekly #winestudio Twitter chat hosted by the seasoned wine expert Tina Morey. And you are invited to this entertaining and interactive program to “meet” Craig!

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Wine pioneers in Oregon, Craig Camp and Steve Hall at Troon Vineyard

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“Many consumers and wine professionals will remember Camp for the turn-around he orchestrated for Cornerstone Cellars in Napa Valley, bringing that primarily cabernet sauvignon producer into new markets at several levels and cementing its national reputation.”

  • Vinography - Alder Yarrow, North American Correspondent, San Francisco

Building a Foundation The Right Way: The Wines of Cornerstone Cellars, Napa

“I first met Craig Camp in Oregon, where he was running Anne Amie vineyards, and where he had already proven to be one of the most internet-savvy individuals I had ever seen in the wine business. An early industry blogger, Craig was just as earnest in person as I found his writings to be online. I got to know Craig in fits and starts, as online interactions and occasional meet-ups in Oregon migrated from acquaintance to friendship.

And then one day, Camp announced he was coming to Napa. I must admit to being slightly shocked at the news, so deeply did I associate Camp with the Willamette Valley. But having gotten to know the dedication and passion that Camp brings to his work, I trusted that whatever he was doing, it was going to be interesting.

Cornerstone continues to evolve, but like the rapidly shortening line of a tether ball accelerating towards the pole, the wines of Cornerstone are beginning to gravitate towards a quality and consistency that is quite admirable, and the equal of any of Napa's stalwart producers. Camp and Keene seem to be laying the foundation for becoming a fixture in the valley. Their Yountville tasting room has already become one of the town's most visited, and thanks to Camp, the winery has quickly become among the most successful industry players in social media and new internet technologies such as geofencing.”

  • Grape Collective, New York

“To demonstrate the power of connecting directly with consumers, Mabray often praises the work of Cornerstone Cellars, a small Napa Valley winery. Cornerstone produces about 10,000 cases of wine each year and employs just seven people. The CEO, Craig Camp, understands that successful engagement demands a consistent, ongoing dialogue.

Suppose a steakhouse patron in Kansas City praises a wine from Cornerstone on Twitter. There's a good chance that Camp will thank that consumer, even extending an invitation to visit his tasting room. Or suppose a couple gets engaged over dinner while vacationing in Napa and shares the news on Facebook. If a member of that couple has been profiled by VinTank and checks in at Cornerstone via Foursquare the next morning, the tasting room staff might break out a bottle of sparkling wine. This wouldn't just enhance the couple's visit — it could result in a long-term relationship for Cornerstone.”

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Craig’s goal was to produce great wines that expressed the nuances of the terroir from which the grapes were grown…he was incredibly successful and met that goal year after year. This spring, boasting an accomplished resume, he moved on…to Troon Vineyard in the Applegate Valley region of southern Oregon. Craig is now General Manager and they are fortunate, indeed.

  • Gang of Pour, Detroit “Troon has been making something of a splash lately, not just because the wines are, for the most part, very good, but also due to the fairly recent addition of Craig Camp to the General Manager position. I’ve been virtually acquainted with Craig since before he took on the GM job at Cornerstone in Napa back in 2009, when we crossed paths and traded notes on various wine forums. Along with his many other considerable skills, Craig totally gets social media, and knows how to use it to promotes his business concerns; he demonstrated that during his tenure at Cornerstone, and, if anything, he’s doing so even more adroitly at Troon.”
  • James Melendez, San Francisco

“I have known Craig for over half a decade and have followed him and his wines from Cornerstone Cellars in Yountville to Troon Vineyard. Craig has been involved with producers that are top of their game for wines of distinction, wines of balance. Craig has a grand passion for the best that wine and great food can offer. His European experience is shown in his devotion to the art of creating great wines. I think many producers believe they craft the best wines but the attention to detail is essential. I have talked with him and it is clear that he has a clear sense of a 360 view of wine–his involvement in wine is admirable of working on the back and front end of many wine businesses. “

  • “Today General Manager Craig Camp (a wine biz veteran and consummate professional) along with winemaker Jeff Keene have propelled Cornerstone Cellars to the top-tier of California wineries” Chicago
  • Michelle Williams, Dallas

“I am super excited to see what the future has in store for Troon Vineyards. They have just recently added Craig Camp, a wine pioneer and man I admire, as their new general manager. Craig has worked in many facets of the wine industry since the 1970’s. He has a brilliant mind and great palate for wine.”

“The name Craig Camp of Cornerstone Cellars kept popping up in my never-ending search for exceptional wines; constant reminders via social media like Twitter and Facebook give wineries a reach out to their customer.” Style Magazine