Apple Watch

I have a new Apple Watch. It’s a bit buggy, a first generation piece of hardware that will be out of date in a year. It’s one of the most exciting things I’ve ever owned.

My first computer was an Apple IIe in 1983. It did not have a hard drive and you had to boot it up with floppy discs each time and then put in more floppies for each program you wanted to run - one at a time. While it seems primitive now, at the time it seemed a miracle.

This Apple Watch is what the Apple IIe was to me then, it’s a miracle on my wrist. Having experienced the evolution of that Apple IIe into my Retina MacBook Pro I can see that the Apple Watch is indeed a time machine as it is letting us look into the future.

After a week wearing it the novelty has worn off and it has simply become an incredibly useful tool - an unobtrusive one at that. It is staggering to think what it will do in five years. When I compare my iPhone 6 Plus to my original first generation iPhone and the progress that has been achieved in such short time, my imagination soars for what might be possible.

For the next several decades after I got my first computer it always seemed like I had to wrestle technology to get it to work and then patch together solutions that still usually fell short of what I wanted it to do. These days my phone, tablet, laptop and now my watch are all perfectly in sync. In fact they are no longer independent devices, but just different interfaces for working with the same data and contacts. When I have a real problem I am almost shocked as they happen so rarely.

I am perfectly happy with this cocoon of technology that Apple has built around me for the simple reason that it “just works” for me. For the first time in my life all my gadgets are doing all the things I had always wanted them to do. We are now entering an age when our devices will start not just doing what we have always wanted them to do, but will start doing things for us that we never thought of and that is very, very exciting. The Apple Watch is just the beginning of a whole new age.

The Apple Watch is an amazing time piece as not only does it tell us the time now, but also shows us what time will be in the future. With all it’s shortcomings as a first generation device, I find it fun and exciting to be there at the beginning of a new era. The future is indeed bright.

Now when I put on my old watch is seems lifeless. Once you’ve touched it, you have to get back to the future.