Rocking It!

2012 Stepping Stone by Cornerstone North Coast White Rocks! and 2011 Stepping Stone by Cornerstone North Coast Red Rocks! 

2012 Stepping Stone by Cornerstone North Coast White Rocks! and 2011 Stepping Stone by Cornerstone North Coast Red Rocks! 

Fun. Rocks! is fun, fun to make and fun to drink. Isn't wine supposed to be fun?

Each year we start with a blank slate, but not a blank palate, as in our mind, we know the the bright, zesty, mouth-watering flavors we seek. It's all about the pleasure. Well, it's not just about the pleasure, but also the price. Rocks! is made to be enjoyed - often!

The freedom to blend whatever varieties we find to produce the best wine possible is liberating and fun. To keep this freedom, we do not share the exact percentage of the blends as we want everyone savoring the results vintage to vintage, not the statistics. Rocks! is Rocks!, our expression of a wine priced to enjoy every day, that is delicious enough to make everyday meals just a bit more special. Rocks! will make you think, but not too much as its place in the world is to stimulate conversation, not dominate it.

I'm excited to present you with our new package for Rocks!, which I think convey well its spirit. Bright, lively, as fun as the wine itself and topped with a screw cap to eliminate any obstacle to opening a bottle. This last choice was also made with picnics and patio barbecues in mind as they are a natural home for Rocks!.

My love of interesting blends goes back to the now famous Vintage Tunia by Silvio Jermann in Italy's Fruili, which I was among the first American importers of back in the early 1980's. During the same period I was introduced to the many blended southern French wines by Christopher Cannan. No one debated too much the exact blends of these wines they way people do now. They were just enjoyed for what they were - delicious.

While inspired by European wines, you'll find Rocks! distinctly Californian in personality with generous flavors full of the perfect fruit that we grow in this ideal climate for grapes, yet with that bright tang of acidity for which Cornerstone Cellars is now known. I hope you enjoy Rocks! with some hearty comfort food and fun. After all, that was the idea.

White Rocks! is as always brightly aromatic and spicy, perfect as aperitif with appetizers or with Asian or other spicy or sweet and sour dishes. The Red Rocks! is packed with bright red fruit flavors, a generous texture and is just assertive enough to leave even jaded palates satisfied. 

Rocks! - the blend is our secret, the pleasure is all yours.