6 Bucks


They're mass produced, industrial wines. Epicuro is just another label of many slapped on by Femar Vini in, of all places, Rome. The thing is these wines are pretty good. For the $6 Trader Joe's is selling them for they're very, very good. Cleanly made, brightly fruity and fresh you'd be hard pressed to beat these wines for everyday quaffers at this price. Best of all they're 2007's, by this time next year you'd better be looking for the 08's (both red and white), because these babies are not built to last. The white 2007 Lazio Vermentino and the reds: 2007 Beneventano Aglianco and Sicilia Nero d'Avola are excellent gulpers for washing down pizza, leftovers or big parties. The variety on the reds does not stand out as they're both purple fruit bombs, yet they actually have acidity and that gives them the edge over under $10 new world reds. By the by, the reds take a chill as well as the Vermentino.

The namesake (pictured above) of these wines may have been a deep thinker, but no thinking is required (or recommended) to enjoy the wines of Epicuro. Epicurus sought to attain a happy, peaceful life. Good simple wines like this had to be a part of his philosophy.