The Wine Sheriff Needs Your Support

henry bishop Henry Bishop, AKA The Wine Sheriff, is a well-known name not only in the Chicago wine trade community, where he was the long-time sommelier at the distinguished restaurant Spiaggia, but to Italian winemakers and growers of Italian varieties throughout the rest of the world.

Henry was interested in authentic, natural wines before anybody ever thought of such things. He also sought out fine wines, for his Italian focused list at Spiaggia, not only from Italy, but throughout the United States finding compelling wines from passionate growers in unlikely places.

Today, Henry has a true battle on his hands as he fights throat cancer. Like so many others that dedicate their lives to the restaurant industry, Henry’s insurance is not all it could be and, obviously, he is unable to work in the service industry while he fights this fight. As we enjoy our good fortune this New Year’s Day it’s also a great opportunity to feel better by helping someone out who has done so much for the beverage we love and those who make and enjoy it. Donations to help Henry in his fight can be made by clicking on this link.