Do They Think We're Stupid?

I just received the following email:

fromZack Pearson <>
dateFri, Jul 18, 2008 at 11:55 AM
subjectSomething I thought you’d enjoy

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Hi Craig,
Firstlet me say I’m a big fan of your blog. It’s always really insightfuland has great information about the Wine world. I’m sort of new to theworld and am tryng to learn everything I can, so you’re blog isamazingly helpful. I’m writing because my friend just took me to aspecial screening of a movie called Bottle Shock. I don’t know ifyou’ve heard of it, but I thought it might be something you’d beinterested in. It’s about the bline taste test this guy had in the 70sbetween the French and the Americans, where the American wines won.Apparently it was a huge deal in the 70s and was all of the press. Thiswas a total surprise to me because I thought it was given that theFrench wines are the best of the best. Anyway, the movie is prettycool. It has the same affection for wine that Sideways had, but thestory is more focused on the wine itself. I thought I’d bring it toyour atttention in case you hadn’t heard about it. You can watch thetrailer on itunes or go to the website Anyway, thanks again for putting together such a great resourse for us newbies to check out. I really appreciate it!


Do these people think we’re stupid? Idiots that won’t understand this is BS? This is an example of email marketing at its worst because it’s clearly a fraud. If they’re going to promote this movie, which before this I was looking forward to seeing, it must be a terrible movie. Think I’ll take a pass now. By the way, I’ve left the misspellings intact.