Beauty and the Wine


Joyce%20Sept%201%2007%20007.JPGYou hear the story often, someone tastes a wine while on the most romantic trip of their lives and loves it. They sip from the wonderful bottle at a cozy table at a little restaurant high on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean. The wine is the best they’ve ever had and they buy every bottle they can, but when they open their treasure upon their return to Des Moines they find that the wine has transformed itself into something a bit less magical.

Recently, on a spectacular sun drenched afternoon, I enjoyed a delicious bottle of 2006 King Estate Oregon Pinot Gris with a lovely lady at my favorite seafood restaurant on Oregon’s coast, Local Ocean, in Newport. The day was perfect, we started with stroll  through the Yaquina Head Lighthouse (pictured) and after drinking in the gorgeous views proceeded to sip on the King Estate at Local Ocean alongside some perfect Dungeness Crab Cocktail, Crab Po’boys and grilled blonde salmon.

I thought the wine was excellent, but hope you’ll forgive me if you enjoy it in less perfect circumstances and it disappoints. However, I’m confident it won’t. The King Estate Pinot Gris is reliably exactly what you want from both pinot gris and Northwest white wines. That is bright, crisp, dry and refreshing. It is a great companion to the bounty of the Oregon coast matching crab, clams, fried oysters, razor clams and rockfish with refreshing precision.