America's Ultimate Wine Merchant


The Offer to End all Offers: A Massive Vertical of F.X. Pichler

The three excerpts above are from the newsletter of Chambers Street Wines in Manhattan, certainly America’s finest wine merchant if you are seeking interesting wines at prices that surprisingly enough don’t break your  wine budget. Never in my life have I seen a store that thinks so independently, ignoring fashion and the pointy wines from the big wine publications in a search for wines of true distinction. Instead Chambers Street Wines offers its customers some of the most unique, exciting wines in the world - often offered at bargain basement prices. I cannot urge you enough to go to their website and subscribe to their email newsletters. These newsletters are an inside track to wines that will change the way you think about wine. You will see many names and places you don’t know, but your wine world will be opened to wines with a range of complexity that is beyond the comprehension of The Wine Spectator and other such publications whose superficially pointy recommendations only dull your palate, your mind and your meals.
There are many dedicated wine merchants throughout the United States (not one of them large) that share the spirit and dedication of Chambers Street Wines and you should do your best to seek them out and support them. However, Chambers Street Wines not only has the desire to seek out the best, but are lucky enough to be located in New York City, which gives them an unparalleled access to some of the world’s most unique wines.  This access combined with intelligent, well trained palates and open minds makes Chambers Street Wines a wine merchant without equal.