Wine by the Glass Heaven


Available by the glass, quarter bottle, half bottle and full bottle:

  • Zwiegelt, Burgenland, Austria
  • 2005 Bourgueil, Breton, France
  • 2004 Pic-Saint-Loup, La Coste d’ Aleyrac, France
  • Collioure, La Rectorie, France
  • Gamay, Vallee d’Aoste, Grosjean, Italy
  • 2002 Montevertine, Tuscany
  • Bizkaiko Txakolina, Gorrondona, Spain

… and that’s less than half of just the red wines by the glass at Portland’s Navarre restaurant.

The white, rosé and sparkling wines offered are equally interesting and delicious. Here is a restaurant with not only courage, but a firm knowledge about what it wants to be. They serve hearty, honest food based on the best ingredients from Oregon and Washington all complimented by a wine by the glass program that embarrasses America’s most elite restaurants. Navarre offers cutting edge wines that other restaurants just don’t have the guts, knowledge or work ethic to offer. Not one snooty sommelier is in sight, but the eager to please wait staff is willing to share their enthusiasm with you. All of this in a storefront restaurant with absolutely no style, pretense or ego. They put all of their passion into real food and real wine and don’t waste their energy on the Paris Hilton frills that seem to define so many restaurants.

The dedication that goes into the food at Navarre is evidenced by the superb wines they offer. The food is humble, but intensely deliciously humble. Their wine list lifts that experience to memorable heights.

The wine list is so good here you almost don’t care about the food - fortunately the food lives up to the wine.