Flying to the Moon on Gossamer Wings

gossamer wings.jpg

The delicacy was astounding. How is it possible to be so delicate, so refined, yet so dramatic and hypnotizing. The first sip only teased,  a mere shadow of what was to come. With each following taste the complexity expanded like the Universe, while the body and power stayed within our solar system. It remained haunting and demanded your attention from first to last for, if you were not open to its charms, you surely would miss them. Such was the 2001 Domaine Dujac Morey Saint-Denis. A more perfect example of the delicately powerful refinement that is at the heart of pinot noir you will not find. Pinot noir at its finest intoxicates your emotions more than your brain. Yes, it intoxicates your brain too, but in this case it’s just bonus points, not the main attraction.