Top Ten List

ls_top_ten_logo With the writer’s strike Letterman fans have been without a new top ten list for weeks. For them here is a Wine Camp top ten list.

Ten ways to tell if someone is not a wine terroir-ist (in no particular order):

  1. They purchase Veuve Cliquot
  2. They shop with The Wine Spectator top 100 list in hand at Chambers Street Wine Merchants
  3. They make a newbie post of their wine tasting notes complete with points on The Wine Therapy Forum
  4. They see Mark Squire’s point
  5. They subscribe to The Wine Enthusiast
  6. They think Eric Asimov is a wine-science fiction writer
  7. They have Yellow Tail Shiraz Reserve in their cellar
  8. They’re paranoid about the Wine Gestapo
  9. They confuse Mondovino with Mondo Cane
  10. They invite Alice Feiring to be the moderator at a horizontal tasting of Loring Pinot Noirs.