The Healing Power of Champagne

domchug.jpgIt has never failed to make me feel better. The healing power of Champagne (good bubbly from anywhere actually) is something I discovered a long time ago. In fact, good Champagne makes me feel better when I feel great. However, now there is a new book out that tells us that not only does Champagne make us feel great, but that it’s also good for us. The Healing Power of Champagne features such chapters as:

Chapter 4 - Stimulation of Desire
Chapter 5 - Obesity and Cellulite
Chapter 6 - Appetite loss
Chapter 7 - Arterial stenosis
Chapter 8 - Migraine
Chapter 9 - Insomnia
Chapter 10 - Depression and Anxiety
Chapter 11 - Drugs and Intoxication
Chapter 12 - Gynaecological troubles
Chapter 13 - Gerontology
Chapter 14 - Food Allergies
Chapter 15 - Lazy Bowel
Chapter 16 - Distention, Flatulence and Indigestion
Chapter 17 - “Crise de foie”
Chapter 18 - Aerophagia

I love the idea and concept of this book so much that I’m not going to buy it. I’m just going to believe in it.  Remember, for Champagne Therapy to work you have to take your medicine every day.