Burghound - The Burgundy Journal of Record

burghound.jpgWhile the appointment of the talented and dedicated David Schildknecht to cover Burgundy for The Wine Advocate is a very, very positive step, anyone who is seriously following Burgundy long ago discovered that Allen Meadow’s Burghound is the only place to go for anyone collecting (or just drinking) Burgundy of all price points. If you have any lingering doubts you only need to tune in to the recent GrapeRadio podcast ” The Wines of Maison Louis Jadot with Allen Meadows” to be blown away not only by his knowledge, but by his loving respect of the region and its wines. I have been fortunate to hear Meadow’s speak several times now and followed his newsletter for some time and his knowledge of Burgundy is literally encyclopaedic.

I want to make this as clear as I can: anyone interested in buying Burgundy no matter what your level of expertise or the size of your collection should be a subscriber to Burghound.