Sparkling Wine, Argyle, Knudsen Vineyard Brut, Willamette Valley Oregon, 1998

I never thought anything would convince me that real Champagne was not king. I’ve had many fine sparkling wines from many countries that approached the finest Champagnes (notably Iron Horse in California and Bellavista in Italy), but I’ve never had a wine that really knocked out Champagne.

However, that is the past and the reality is that Oregon’s Argyle is not only producing world class sparkling wines that compete with some of Champagne’s finest, but extraordinary values that have their own unique personality.

 This wine is flat out extraordinary and somewhat widely available for under $50. Toasty, frothy, lively and most of all complex, this has to be a top quality sparkler in anyone’s book. In fact, I rather drink this than the hotshot big names of Champagne that are in with the rappers, but out with anyone who is thinking about what they drink.

This is a great sparkling wine.