la gramiere

La gramiereThe romantic pull of winemaking. You see it in the eyes of everyone who visits you at the vineyard. You hear it over elegant dinners and at wine tastings as people dream of having their own vineyard and winery. For most it only remains a dream, but a fateful few take the plunge. Two such lucky souls are Amy Lillard and Matt Kling who are living in Castillon du Gard in France’s Cotes du Rhone wine region tending 4.5 hectares of grenache, syrah and mourvedre and are now into their second vintage of winemaking. While few can personally experience such a life, thanks to the blogging of Amy you can at least live it vicariously. Check out their very entertaining (and sure to turn you green with envy) La Gramiere Blog at the address below. Just reading it alone is increasing my consumption of Cotes du Rhone wines and I hope someday to get a chance to taste theirs – at the winery, of course.

Visit La Gramiere at the link below: