ElevageWritten words can be such beautiful things. Artfully used, they can communicate the emotions we feel inside of us. Wine is an emotional experience for many of us, but so often words about wine are only presented in a sterile textbook style or in the combative debate fashion of the wine forums. Every once in a while a writer succeeds in conveying the pleasure that the appreciation of wine brings to so many. This experience, which wine somehow brings to us, is lovingly described by Vincent Fritzsche, a Portland Oregon educator, in his charming wine blog, Élevage. (

Fritzsche describes his blogging in this way, “Élevage is French for breeding or upbringing. It also refers to the maturing or raising of young wine until bottling. Élevage is also sometimes described as the educating of a wine, which got me thinking about my own education of wine. And so this blog, updated when I'm able. There's much more to write than I make time for.”

True, he does not post everyday, but when he does it is well worth reading. Best of all, reading of his experiences bring a reflective moment to your day to ponder your own experience with wine. I highly recommend visiting Élevage.