Pinot Report?


The Pinot Report

Pinot Noir of the Year

Loring Wine Company


Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills Cargasacchi Vineyard 2004


“Deep ruby purple color; deep, slightly closed aromas with hints of pepper and cassis; big, bold flavors of black cherry and cassis, deep layers of pepper and spice notes; moderate tannin; smoky oak; great structure and balance; very long finish.” The Pinot Report


The tasting notes above come from The Pinot Report. This Loring Pinot Noir is their selection for the best pinot noir released in 2005. I mean to take no issue with this wine in any regard as I have never tasted it or any other wine from Loring. It may be wonderful. However, the tasting note itself reflects the dangers faced by pinot noir today. Let’s take a look at his comments;

  • Deep ruby purple color”
  • “aromas with hints of pepper and cassis”
  • “big, bold flavors of black cherry and cassis”

There must be some mistake here as these descriptors certainly can’t describe great pinot noir. Where are the references to the brilliant light garnet color, the elegant and complex bouquet and the haunting delicately long finish. Here we have an opaque purple wine tasting and smelling of cassis. Isn’t that Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon?


The Loring may or may not be a great wine in its own right, but if it tastes anything like The Pinot Noir Report says, great pinot noir its not. If you are going to report on pinot, report on pinot.