Lafayette Escadrille

From Decanter:

“The unofficial boycott of French wine in the US has cost the country an estimated US$112m (£64m), according to an official study.”Lafayette

We can rest assured that this boycott has cost the elite producers of Bordeaux, Burgundy and Bordeaux not one cent. Dom Perignon, Chateau Latour and Le Montrachet are selling just fine in the USA thank you very much. As always, it it the less famous that take the brunt of such political posturing.  The small French wine farmer is threatened with extinction and this boycott will have no impact on the war one-way-or-the-other. If we are not careful we will lose a grand agricultural tradition and only corporations will remain - and we know what that means for wine quality. A boycott of French wines only damages the small producer, while the big names are unt0uched.

With American opposition to the war passing the 50% mark here at home, it would be difficult to buy many of the things we want if the supporting the war become the litmus test by which we spend our money. Most of the countries of the world oppose this war. The Germans stood with the French on this issue, but I hear of no boycotts of Mercedes or the Rheingau. Why are we picking on French winemakers?

I’m going to to my bit and keep drinking as much French wine as possible. Some political statements are easier to make than others.