Bryant Family Vineyards

You cannot deny the quality. The color is a perfect ruby. The bouquet is lush, but balanced and complex. No simple blackBryant family fruit flavors here, but layer after layer of nuance. It coats the palate with velvet sporting a bite. Round, but still firm tannins carry the concentrated fruit flavors. The finish just goes on-and-on. An exciting wine with not a fault or shortcoming. The 2001 Byrant Family Cabernet Sauvignon is stunning – to bad its no longer a wine. It is a commodity to be chased after by those with more money than palate. A look through reveals pricing raging from $295 to $499 a bottle for this former wine turned negotiable security.

No other category of wine contains more individual great wines than cabernet sauvignon. You can find stunning examples from seemingly every wine growing region of the world. There are literally hundreds of stellar quality cabernet sauvignons available and yet wine prices are driven to the stratosphere for wines like this by those who are addicted to possessing what other can’t have. With all the fine choices available anyone should be embarrassed, not proud to own a Bryant Family. Its a shame that most of this truly fine wine will be consumed by people with palates more attuned to what they spend then how the wine tastes.

With a little luck maybe they’ll invite us to dinner…