Zul on Nero d'Avola

I'm not sure who is pictured here on the right, Dana or Zul. Whatever the case, Zul himself inhabits the world of Enemy Vessel Images( and posts on The Wine Therapy Forum, hosted on the Enemy Vessel site. Yes, Enemy Vessel is primarily a wine forum so don’t be put off (I wasn't) by the vitriolic attack on President Bush on the front page. You’ll find the link to the wine forum at the bottom of the page. The Wine Therapy Forum is host to some of the most interesting wine posts on the Internet, although it sometimes seems to be a little club-ish and the personal forum of Joe Dressner. Unlike the over-moderation of most forums, here the patients run the asylum and threads can spin off into off-topic hell – or heaven depending on your point of view.

EvbuttThe best part of this forum are the regular postings of “Zul”, whose insights and knowledge of Italian wine (not to mention the rest of Europe) are worth a paid subscription to read. On a recent thread for example, Zul offers information you would be hard pressed to find in an English language publication. Follow the link below to that thread and keep an eye on The Wine Therapy Forum for his posts. Zul on Nero d'Avola