Hot, Hot, Hot

longoria2.jpgHot, Hot, Hot. Eva Longoria could not be hotter: literally, figuratively, professionally and any "ly" you can come up with these days. Her picture graces every scandal sheet and tacky celebrity magazine lining the check out counters of every supermarket in the country. They are empty headed magazines for people without a life of their own. So what is Her Hot-ness Eva doing on the cover of The Wine Enthusiast?

The breathless cover story feature in The Wine Enthusiast goes on to document the fact that as good as she looks, Ms Longoria doesn't know a thing about wine other than the fact that she adores pinot grigio and really loves French wines although she doesn't know the names - Desperate Housewifes must be showing on French television. It's hard to imagine a more embarrassing article in a magazine pretending to be a source of expertise. The article is not embarrassing for her, but for the editors of the magazine its hard to imagine anything much worse.

What I suppose I am most amazed about is that considering that The Wine Enthusiast is little more than a bad  imitation of The Wine Spectator,  is that it is able to survive at all. Why in the world would anyone lay out good money for a second rate version of the People magazine of the wine world? Publications like these survive because there are millions of dollars funneled into advertising by big money wine beverage producers. The Wine Enthusiast issue featuring the sophisticated palate of Ms Longoria was paid for by wines that she would love.

 The Wine Enthusiast,  as it is published now, has no reason for existing except to suck in money from the Coca Cola side of the wine industry, so save your five bucks and stick to The Wine Spectator for celebrity updates.