A Pair of Sicilian Values

AnastasiapassomaggiorossolaAbbazia Santa Anastasia Passomaggio

rosso: 2001 Santa Anastasia Passomaggio Rosso,
Sicilia IGT ($15)
The wildness of the Sicilian nero d’avola is smoothed out by the addition of 20% late harvested merlot. The color is a bright ruby that is just translucent. It is warm and rich on the nose and palate with the earthy nero d’avola characteristics filled out by the ripe, sweet plum flavors of the merlot. A richly flavored wine that is not at all heavy or overripe in character. The finish shows clearly the bittersweet nero d’avola flavor and just the right touch of Sicilian sunshine.

bianco:2002 Santa Anastasia Bianco di Passomaggio, Sicilia IGT ($15)
This blend of the native inzolia with chardonnay and sauvignon blanc is full of fresh fruit and spice flavors and aromas. A bright light gold, the aromas are full of poached spiced pears with clean almond touches. After the sweet fruit aromas the firm mineral flavors and structure are a welcome surprise. The finish is clean and fresh, but offers good complexity and depth.

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