You Say Its Your Birthday?

Tom Wark, the indefatigable blogger that created Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog (, has become the cornerstone of the wine blogging community with links and feeds scattered far-and-wide across the Internet. His enthusiasm for wine blogging has expanded the public awareness of wine blogs and his selfless devotion to promoting all wine bloggers has set the tone for this virtual community. Yes, Tom is one of the grand old men of wine bogging and, as unbelievable as it may seem, today is only his first anniversary as a wine blogger. For those of us who follow Fermentation that is astounding. How can such a influential blog be only having its first birthday? It really brings home that wine blogging is a medium in its infancy.

What really sets Tom apart is the journalistic edge he brings to Fermentation. There are not only opinions there, but real reporting. I often feel like I’m reading the Op-Ed section of the wine industry. In particular Tom has led the charge on the direct shipping issue, even outing crooked state representatives.

The whole wine blogging community owes Tom much for his support, leadership and fine example. Happy Birthday Fermentation and many, many happy returns.